Your Host Annett Eiselt

(Kiwi – German, speak English und Deutsch)

I am excited to welcome you to Stewart Island Observation Rock Lodge – now with a newly opened starlight loft.

We share a strong attraction to the stunning natural beauty of Stewart Island – every day different and special, and now we can share that passion with you.
Instead of pets you will find a prolific birdlife, being trustful and coming very close.

Annett’s background includes a professional career in live theatre directing and management, restaurant management and ‘The Perfect Dinner’ (see below Dining).
Being passionate about the birdlife all around and especially on predator free Ulva Island, Annett became a member of Ulva Island Charitable Trust.
She also has been working as a ranger for Department of Conservation, and is a happy volunteer at the Hoiho Penguin Rehab for the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust and for LANDSAR Search & Rescue.

With our focus on excellent service you will be a special guest here.

We are looking forward to having you visiting.

Read more about Observation Rock Lodge in this lovely article “Haus in the South” from NZ House & Garden Magazine Feb 2014

Annett in the greenhouse                 Visitors always welcome                 At Observation Rock at the end of the day

Observation Rock … “… one of the most beautiful panoramas it is possible to imagine. Even the least enthusiastic of nature´s admirers would find it hard to be unimpressed with the view from that rocky point far above the waters of Paterson Inlet. Away in the distance can be seen clearly Mount Anglem, 3,200 feet, the highest point on the island. As far as the eye can see, ridge upon ridge of towering native trees rises above, broken only as they come down to merge with the waters of the Inlet… Go to Observation and there enjoy what no pen could ever describe. The sun sets at such an angle that as it drops behind the low hills at the head of the inlet, its last rays are reflected on the full length of the waters. It needs very little imagination to realize the effect as all the different colours are thrown from the glowing sky on to the calm sea. The nearer shores of Rakiura, the Isle of Glowing Skies, could never be seen to better advantage than from Observation Rock at the close of a fine day.”

(“Stewart Island”, by N.S. Seaward & Sheila Natusch, 1962)