Dining Enjoy the perfect dinner - gourmet meals for "foodies"

Let’s talk about food

Start your day with an awesome breakfast – including muesli, yoghurt, milk and fresh fruit as well as eggs or rosemary tomatoes, and a creamy porridge or pancakes. Try home-made jams with your toast. You might enjoy your first cuppa in the front garden or at the deck.

Gourmet Lunches to take with you or to have on site might be available at Observation Rock Lodge, pre-order (at additional cost).

At the end of an exciting outdoors day – come home and relax. No need to go out again. Just sit down.

The Perfect Dinner – Stewart Island Moveable Feast, has been established 2008 and became Lonely Planet editor’s choice of island dining!

For our guests at Observation Rock Lodge dine-in supper is The Perfect Dinner, celebrated at the dining table in your spacious lounge, watching the sunset and enjoying panoramic sea views over Paterson Inlet, as well as gourmet meals, featuring fresh local seafood with home grown vegetables and herbs. Have your private Chef!

A selection of drinks, beers and fine New Zealand and Australian wines is available to choose from (at additional cost). No BYO – thank you.

Our dinner menus are different with each dine-in, time planning is flexible for different ways to compose your evening activities, and creates a balance of extensive and light components for your meals. Find a sample menu below.

 DINNER – Sample Menu

Delicious and zingy Carrot-Orange-Coconut Soup or Stewart Island Seafood chowder (has all the goodies: cod, salmon and musssels and just natural stocks!)


Fresh and crispy salad of mesclun lettuces, rocket, fruit and garnish, with mediterranean style honey-herb-mustard dressing and roasted nuts

Stunning Stewart Island Blue Cod, pan-fried en nature, with a gourmet-style Kumara-Potato-Puree, roasted Macadamia nuts, vegetables, and home-made Aioli Dips (at the side)

“Penguin” Apple Cake* with Mascarpone Cream and Caramel Sauce – Italian raffinesse!

(* The “Penguin” Apple cake definitely has no penguin in it  😉  it is a fundraiser for the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust “I bake for penguins.”)

MMMMMMMMussels!          Harvest from own gardens          Freshest seafood          Bon Appetit!

Customer comments: …“Beautiful food, pleasant tastes, great presentation. Spending the evening in was relaxing.”… “This has been one of the most memorable meals ever. A truly inspirational cook. Congratulations!”… “Our best meal in NZ!”…